Systems Thinking and The Power in One

Today we are going to embark on a new series called “The Power in One,” in which we will discuss the ways we can use Systems Thinking to make sense and order of our complex world of work and life. The Power in One is about simplification, balance and flow. It is about taking a systematic view of our lives so we can focus on the most important aspects that make us, well, us.

Power in One Systems ThinkingThroughout the series, we will discuss not only what IS The Power in One, but what is NOT. This will be a recurring theme, because I think in simplifying things it is important to know the difference. When looking at things systematically, a system must be defined and it’s boundary conditions understood.

So, the The Power in One is not another exposition on time management and productivity, although those are important aspects of any personal system. It is not the establishment of a new app, or fad, or a cult-like movement. It is simply (a key word) about applying some well-worn principles, in ways our modern lives have forgotten, to achieve some unity with the world around us.

The Power of One series will involve a number of posts following four themes (plus a conclusion):

  • Systems Thinking
  • Self-Mastery
  • Self-Management
  • A New Model
  • Putting it All Together

I am actually using systems thinking processes and tools for these themes, which follow an OODA Loop.

Observe (Who we are)
Orient (How we know ourselves)
Decide (What, and How we’ll deal with the world)
Act (What we do)

I hope you will join me in this journey. Your comments and feedback are important and will make this a better journey for everyone.