Last week the unthinkable happened. A 14 year old boy shot at a MIDDLE school just a mile down the road from my house. Our neighborhood kids go to school there; my kids will go to school there. A 14 year old boy shot by another 14 year old boy in MADSION. Aren’t we protected here? Didn’t we choose Madison because of the safety and security she offers and the wonderful schools that are constantly receiving national awards? But yet it happened.    That night when I kissed my children and tucked them in I began sobbing. Sobbing at the sweet innocent faces as they slept. Uncontrollable sobbing knowing that there were two mothers who wouldn’t be kissing their babies and tucking them in that evening. And it happened in Madison, not Colorado or Florida or California, but here. The ugliness of this world had finally come too close to home.

The Bible tells us that we are not granted tomorrow, but still we take advantage of today because, we think, there will always be a tomorrow. “Not now dear, tomorrow…” “Mommy can’t play today, tomorrow…” “I will call my friend, tomorrow…” “Go see my grandparents, tomorrow…” But how many tomorrows never come. I have to admit I am very guilty of the tomorrows. Always planning what the kids and I might do tomorrow, because Mommy is working today. Taking that trip to see friends or grandparents tomorrow, because my schedule is so full today.   And tomorrow never comes. What would happen if we took just a few minutes every morning or at the end of the day to schedule in time for the tomorrows? What is one hour out of your day to play a game with the kids or to bake cookies? How much “work” would I really lose? So what if the house needs cleaning this weekend, it can wait, my friends my not.

If we take just a few minutes every day to schedule our time and follow a good Time Management plan, how many tomorrows could we fit in today? How many hours are lost in a day, because of poor time management? Hours we will never recover. Things that we may never get the chance to do! Precious time that is now lost; activities that now have to be put off until tomorrow.