Episode 10: Leadership and Personalities…Why do they do that Part 2

Continuing from the previous episode, with the question of “why do they do that?” Now that you know how to adapt your communication let’s start to recognize these different personalities.

If you are a leader who wants to increase your capability to lead with greater impact and influence, this podcast will provide you with applicable and practical solutions for extraordinary leadership.

In this tenth episode of Lead Me On podcast, Lori King-Taylor and Lori Gorrell are giving you real life applicable steps to recognize four primary work styles and the key differences that make each style tick and what can get in their way.

Some of the topics that we will be covering are:

• How to develop and manage the team
• Describing instead of labeling the personalities
• Recognizing and utilizing the dynamic of the team

Bonus from Lori Gorrell: ebook Why Do They Do That?

Resources that we referred to: Everything DiSC assessments

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