Episode 12: Promoting a healthy conflict under your leadership.

Conflict is not something that we often consider a positive in our lives, but Productive Conflict is a skill we need to promote in the workplace.  Productive Conflict is an open exchange of differing ideas but expressed so that all parties feel heard, respected, and unafraid to voice dissenting opinions to reach a resolution.

Conflict, as we typically think of it, is quite the opposite. Referred to more as an argument without resolutions. 

Why should leaders encourage productive Conflict?  Because it promotes an exchange of ideas that might be outside the box, making us far more productive and effective.  

Productive Conflict moves teams forward.  It can catapult organizations in the right direction and create solutions we might never have considered.   Productive Conflict will also improve our interpersonal relationships allowing us to confront each other constructively, voicing our opinions without fear of rejection or hard feelings.

Some of the topics that we will be covering are:

  • How to prepare for healthy conflict
  • Importance of healthy conflict
  • How to start with the ending action in mind