Episode 16: Leaders and Goal Setting = Success for the Year!

Goal setting is a way to stay focused on what truly matters.  Without goals, your team lacks focus and direction. They not only provide direction; goals also give a benchmark for success.

The success of any team is mostly dependent on the leader.  A good leader is someone who knows how to inspire, motivate, problem-solve, and work with their team to determine the right goals to meet their objectives.  Learning how to help your team set reasonable and attainable goals are crucial to achieving success. 

If you are a leader who wants to increase your capability to lead with greater impact and influence, this podcast will provide you with applicable and practical solutions for extraordinary leadership.

In this sixteenth episode of the Lead Me On podcast, Lori King-Taylor and Lori Gorrell are sharing real-life examples on goal setting strategy and its benefits.

Some of the topics that we will be covering are:
Motivation and vision
Emotional connection to your goals